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This is the Culinary Nasi Goreng Daun Pisang Containing Antioxidants

December 18, 2015

Fried rice in banana leaves disposable pads are different. Appetizing aroma. In contrast to the fried rice is generally sold in Samarinda.

Want to know the taste and sensation of fried rice in banana leaves? Please stop by to shop Banana Leaf Fried Rice, at Jalan Sutomo, Village Sidodadi, District Samarinda Ulu, Samarinda. Precisely, before turning left towards the hospital Abdul Wahab Sjahranie, Samarinda.

Culinary fried rice, which is a common food menu. The owner Edi Suladi packed with more traditional try using a plate made of sticks trunks of palm trees and banana leaves.

"If we, the fried rice does not use tomato sauce. We use  soy sauce, sesame oil and spices are typical. Use chicken, sausage and liver ampla, type of rice that we use, standard rice fluffier (brand sun)," said Edi Suladi, familiarly called Adi Nasgor, to the Tribune, Monday (07/12/2015) night.

Only serves fried rice, with more traditional. After mixed fried rice, mustard, chicken or ati ampla ripe, ready to be served on a plate. The difference is, the used plates made of sticks covered with palm trees and banana leaves.

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