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This is the Culinary Nasi Goreng Daun Pisang Containing Antioxidants

December 18, 2015

Fried rice in banana leaves disposable pads are different. Appetizing aroma. In contrast to the fried rice is generally sold in Samarinda.

Want to know the taste and sensation of fried rice in banana leaves? Please stop by to shop Banana Leaf Fried Rice, at Jalan Sutomo, Village Sidodadi, District Samarinda Ulu, Samarinda. Precisely, before turning left towards the hospital Abdul Wahab Sjahranie, Samarinda.

Culinary fried rice, which is a common food menu. The owner Edi Suladi packed with more traditional try using a plate made of sticks trunks of palm trees and banana leaves.

"If we, the fried rice does not use tomato sauce. We use  soy sauce, sesame oil and spices are typical. Use chicken, sausage and liver ampla, type of rice that we use, standard rice fluffier (brand sun)," said Edi Suladi, familiarly called Adi Nasgor, to the Tribune, Monday (07/12/2015) night.

Only serves fried rice, with more traditional. After mixed fried rice, mustard, chicken or ati ampla ripe, ready to be served on a plate. The difference is, the used plates made of sticks covered with palm trees and banana leaves.

More wild duck rendang Favors

December 18, 2015

Rendang, usually using beef, or buffalo or chicken. It was not unusual and no doubt taste and pleasure. However rendang which is typical culinary or Padang West Sumatra, in the hands of executive chef Lilian Wahyudi Novotel Hotel served rendang of meat Menthok.

"Matter of taste, could be pitted. Rendang Menthok more enjoyable anymore," said chef Francine was accompanied by a public relations Novotel Hotel Tiwik Widowati.

Before becoming a delicious dish, meat Menthok seasoned and cooked until tender. Vegetable stir-fry seasoning, mustard greens, carrots, beans. cardamom, spices shrimp and sauce to cook rendang cabai.Api small as presto.

Menthok rendang is served complete with white rice can also choose brown rice according to taste. Equipped with prawn crackers. While sauteed vegetables to neutralize the fat content in meat menthok. To enjoy delicious rendang menthok enough to spend Rp 55,000. Rendang Menthok await your arrival

It took 36 minutes to Burn Calorie Cake Pinch

November 25, 2015
To burn calories as much as 183 CAL so that do not accumulate fat in the body and become required different ways i.e. walking distance for 36 minutes, running 16 minutes.
Dream cakes pinch, sweet desserts made from wheat flour is indeed looks like being ' digilai ' culinary lovers. For now it is not difficult to find traditional cakes, but it turns out the snacks contains quite a lot of calories.
What's this cake now pinch comes with variations of flavors ranging from green tea to tiramisu. From various sources are known to have a number of pinch cake calories 183 CAL/60 g.
To burn calories as much as 183 CAL it so as not to accumulate and become fat on the body it takes a variety of ways. Among them walk during the 36 minutes or running 38 minutes or select a climbing stairs for 32 minutes.
For those who love to devour cake pinch half-baked best avoided, because the air can only carry the bacteria which is then attached to the cake. Or when did indeed choose the half-cooked preferably immediately spent on vulnerable due to stale.

Cooking Tips Delicious Super Goat Coconut Curry

November 16, 2015
For all of you fans of mutton-based dishes, such as the delicious goat Coconut Curry and Spice-rich certainly become one of the mouth-watering dishes.
The combination of tender goat meat with the spices makes anyone who tasted it will jump tasteful. But until now, not many know how to cook goat meat properly so that the aroma becomes less tasty texture and less tender. Actually how to cook Coconut Curry goat is right? Here are a few tips so that goat Coconut Curry dishes you will feel even more special. As reported by the Culinary heritage of
Choose Meat Goats
Goat meat quality and suitable dishes are processed into meat goats are still fresh. With fresh red color, the texture of the meat is chewy and aroma typical of goats, the use of high quality goat meat would make Coconut Curry goat and other special dishes.
How to remove the Aroma of Rancid on Goats
In contrast to other types of meat, goat meat has a characteristic rancid scent. This often rancid scent things that reduce the palatability of goat Coconut Curry. So that the aroma of rancid on goat meat can be reduced, you could add the grated ginger on mutton and goat meat set aside for a little over an hour in the refrigerator.
Other ways that can be used to avoid the aroma of rancid goat meat is choosing a young goat. In addition, avoid washing meat goats before being processed because the process of washing will result in less savory aroma appears.
Spice Melezatkan Goat Coconut Curry
Goat Coconut Curry prepared with coconut milk also requires a lot of spices to add to the deliciousness. Some types of spices that are used in the menu among other goat Coconut Curry is red onion, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, and pepper. All these herbs mashed and sauteed until done before mixed with goat meat and coconut milk

Yuk, Jog Jog His Frozen Food Partnership Venture Cuan!

November 16, 2015
Starting from the anxiety of seeing food for children on the market that are less healthy, make healthy food often Khalila be nugget for his son. He is also interested in marketing the nuggets and his frozen meatballs with quality raw materials and without preservatives.


"I don't use the nugget in the market. Certainly many substances preservatives or condiments are. Therefore I made nugget himself who is indeed healthy and without any other chemical substances, "he explained. read more


Lila beginnings only makes healthy nuggets for his family only. But after getting a positive response from the people closest to you, he also introduced healthier nugget it to people he knew. It was only after being convinced by prospeknya large enough, with a capital of only Rp 1 million in cash, a familiar woman accosted Lila also began selling his nuggets starting in 2012.


He made the capital of 50 packs of nugget, which in no long time already sold ludes. Under the umbrella of Healthy Children of the Rainbow business, he also takes care of the permission of the Department of Health with the HEALTH OFFICE URP.IRT code no. 203,321,601,312 and code Halal, as evidence that its products are safe for consumption.


There are 20 more variants offered Lila in the form of nuggets and meatballs. There are two choices i.e. nugget nugget nugget of chicken and seafood. The chicken nuggets are also created several variants such as chicken nuggets, chicken nuggets original dairy milk broccoli carrots, chicken nuggets, chicken nuggets original stik vegetable, mushroom, chicken nugget nugget nugget to cheesy, the Dragon walk. Seafood nuggets with choice of fish sticks Ppremium nuggets, fish sticks nuggets vegetable, shrimp, premium until the nuggets away the Dragon prawns. While the chicken Meatball special includes meatballs, Meatball vegetable chicken, beef Meatball special vegetable fish, meatballs, shrimp meatballs to a vegetable.


In addition to the many variants of the type, so that the consumer is not bored, Lila pun creates two forms namely nugget shaped stick size 8 cm x 4 cm and round with a diameter of 3 cm. from the large number of variants of the nuggets and he made Meatballs, chicken bugget milk vegetable nuggets, original, and the original beef meatballs being one. In terms of price is quite affordable ranging from Rp 17 thousand to Rp 23 thousand per pack for the nugget weighs 200 grams (15 pieces) and Rp 19-28 thousand per pack weight of 250 grams of meatballs (25 pieces).


"The price I offer is comparable to the taste and health of products that I sell. Moreover, with the use of raw materials of good quality and free of preservatives and other substances so that safe consumption by all those "obvious Lila.


Because it doesn't use preservatives and other substances, the durability of healthy frozen foods production Lila does not last long. If stored in the freezer usually survive 4 months, while at room temperature only for 25 hours. And when healthy frozen foods this sent out of town using styrofoam containers durability about 35 hours. Packaging products made using the Lilac airtight plastic vacuum brand Rainbow Child listed on the packaging.


With these advantages, some healthy frozen foods artificial Lila best-selling sweet purchased consumer. Within a month he was able to sell 4 thousand to 5 thousand packs of frozen food.


"Usually purchases the most numerous when the fasting month, every weekend, and the beginning of the month," explained Lila.


In order to jangkaun the broader sales, Lila creates a system of partnership efforts. There are three types of partnerships offered i.e. partners resellers with the terms of the purchase of a minimum of 50 packs of frozen food. The second is a partner agency with the requisite minimum order 100 packs of frozen food, and the third is a partner of distributors with 300 packs of frozen food. In purchasing the products, partners can choose any type of product.


Another advantage for our partners get the discounted price at Rp 5,000 to Rp 5 thousand per pack frozen food. Partners will also be given a bonus reward in the form of vouchers amounting to Rp 700 thousand to Rp 3 million that could be exchanged for products frozen food from the Rainbow children.


"And to be a partner, should have a freezer as storage of frozen food to prevent quick breaks," he added.


To date, at least Lila already has 60 partner agencies in Jabodetabek, Yogyakarta, Solo, Palembang, Jakarta and several other areas in Java. With the abundance of artificial frozen food enthusiasts, making Lila is capable of bagging a sizable income, approximately USD 80 million to Rp 108 million each month with net profit reaching 59% of turnover.

Chef Marinka: Bolu Kukus I Bantat All

November 16, 2015
The world of the small child surely fulfilled with great curiosity. Similarly with Maria Irene Susanto or familiar greeted Chef Marinka. There are small, Marinka says if he is a figure who is full of curiosity.
The world of cooking is also one of the full land keingintahuannya. First touched the kitchen, Marinka child trying to make steamed sponge cake. What power, his cake failed miserably.
bolu kukus
"My cake bantat all. His name is also a child of seven years haven't been holding anything. Haha, "said Marinka told CNN in Jakarta Indonesia some time ago.
This failure to make herself finish the curiosity in other lands. He even was inspired to make the perfume of the flowers. However, again failed.
Over time, a sense of any penasarannya is reduced. But the more adult himself, he is increasingly concerned about the environment.
When his father was convicted of developing heart disease because of the pattern of fatty food, this Jakarta origin women felt a jolt. He was trying to cook healthy food.
"The age of 17 I masakin papa, I create a low-fat pizza," he said.
But the limitations of cooking knowledge make pizzanya it is still not perfect. Far from the words of his pizza can be eaten, even textured hard. Not just that, it was also keasinan.
"Papa said ' salty kok ya? ' but still edible, too," he said then laughed.